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Description: Not much finish on the metal or wood, but wood is solid and metal a dark patina with 30 inch twist barrels marked TWIST BELGIUM. Chambers are 2.5 inches and bores are excellent. Stock has a very old repair to the wrist with sheet copper.

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1898 Belgium Damascus Double Barrel 12ga Shotgun: DisassemblyA field stripping and basic understanding of my antique Belgium side by side shotgun by yours tr...

Over and under shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrels. Belgian made with hardwood stock: SOLD: Vepr Pioneer: Semi-auto rifle in .223. Magazine fed with 21" barrel set in hardwood stock. Russian made: SOLD: Browning Citori: Custom over and under shotgun. 4 barrel set (12, 20, 28 and 410) with custom case. SOLD: Winchester Mdl 70: Bolt action rifle in ...
Beautiful old W. Richards Belgium ELG proof marked double barrel 10 gauge double hammer shotgun. It is in great condition with mos for sale by B Atkinson on GunsAmerica - 990587024
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Jan 28, 2012 · I am searching the approximate value of two Browning, DOUBLE BARREL o/u shotguns, that my father ordered for himself while in Europe, WWII, from Belgium 1) 20 gauge Pat# XXXXX 2.233.861 SER# XXXXX 2) …
11-08-024 - VG English Double Barrel Shotgun. This is a double barrel 10 gauge English percussion shotgun circa 1860’s signed "RICHARDS" on each of the locks. The top of the barrels are marked “LONDON FINE TWIST” and under the barrels when one dismantles the gun, the English proof mark "12" is seen.
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Jan 27, 2013 · In the following years, all over Europe, flintlock ignition, muzzle loading “fowling pieces” developed slowly. The development of the double barrel side by side muzzle loaded shotgun reached its zenith when in 1793, Joseph Manton set up his shop in London England. Manton’s guns were light, trim, and well-balanced.
Made by Herman Seret, Liege, Double Barrel Hammerless Percussion Twist Barrel Pistol. To function the gun you twist barrel, put cap on nipple and the hammer cocks, then you twist to firing position and the trigger falls down, you fire and then do the same thing again with 2nd barrel.
SIDE BY SIDE SHOTGUN Waterfowl Standard Percussion: Model L-247 - Is a 10 gauge percussion with 30” Blued Barrels. Overall length of 46 1/16” and weighs 7.5 lbs. One barrel has no choke (Cylinder) and the other has a Modified Choke.
High-end Browning rifles for sale. Browning Belgium Rifles – Medallion, Olympian Grade, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 308 Winchester, Grade V, 30-06, 270, Belgium ...
28 double barrel shotgun gun parts acme lock plate bridles tumblers spring here is a group of vintage gun parts for repair of old guns. these would mostly be from old double barrel shotguns. i thought some gunsmith might like to have these parts available for gun repair. it might be very hard to identify the exact gun these would go to.
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  • Dec 05, 2020 · Offered is a fairly typical post Civil War double barrel , double hammer mail order 10 bore muzzle loading shotgun. Most of these were made in Belgium and sold through mail order firms such as Wards & Sears. Barrel is stamped London Type Twist and the name Saxton is stamped on both locks. The left hammer has a make shift replacment for missing bolt.
  • The top barrel is true Damascus, from a Purdey 10 gauge. The bottom barrel is twist steel, from an Ithaca 12 gauge. barrels on Damascus shotguns. Interestingly, there was never a picture. From a friend I got Sherman’s phone number and gave him a call.
  • The Legia is Pieper’s first and only design with the recoil spring beneath the barrel. The gun is a hammer-fired unlocked breech pistol chambered for the 6.35mm Browning cartridge (.25 ACP), with the ejection port on the right side and an external extractor.
  • HEX DUO was the code name used for the "Hexagonale Cylindre-Double Barillet" shotgun by the french company Gérard S.A. during its initial design stages, which was maintained on the final version. The goal was to make a firearm that could merge both the fire rate of a revolving shotgun (like the russian MTs 225) and the additional firepower ...
  • "STANLEY ARMS CO", as marked on locks, 10 gauge damascus double shotgun. Also marked on barrel rib "BELGIUM FINE LAMINATED STEEL". 27-3/4" barrels showing attractive twist finish. Heavily engraved overall with floral patterns.

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The rifling—spiral grooves etched inside the gun’s barrel—greatly increased the accuracy of the weapons by spinning and stabilizing the bullet as it sped towards the target. A trained marksman could hit targets as far as 800 yards away, and even an average shot could expect to strike the mark at 250 yards.
Here are photos from a large double barrel pinfire pistol, Cal. 15 mm, rifled bores with 4 groove rifling, right hand twist. No readable markings under the barrel. Barrel length 194 mm, Total length 330 mm. H.J.M. Scholberg & Gadet. Here is another two-barreled pistol with the sliding mechanism of the Smits system. I have two questions: 1. This original double barrel, percussion shotgun is an imported, centerfire large gauge (10) side by side. The mid to late nineteenth century hunting piece is stamped “Machine-Made” on the left side of lockplate and the patent stamp “Pat’d June 20, 1883” on right side.

The cylinder in a six gun is often called a "wheel", and the six gun is itself often called a "wheel gun". [64] [65] Although a "six gun" can refer to any six-chambered revolver, it is typically a reference to the Colt Single Action Army , or its modern look-alikes such as the Ruger Vaquero and Beretta Stampede .

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