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The Reef Trace App is here! The iOS version of Reef Trace has been out for a few weeks. The Android version comes out next, work starts on it next month. Reef Trace has partnered with Melev's Reef, and provides you with some really cool features. It's $8.99 in the App store.

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We provide a range of services designed to eliminate the worry, risk and work associated with a beautiful reef or fish only saltwater aquarium. Located in Fairfax VA, and serving the greater Northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area, Reef eScape LLC offers all services related to the installation and management of saltwater aquaria.

Most reef aquarists, aside from those that use ozone and must therefore monitor ORP to prevent overdosing, use ORP to monitor if anything unusual happens in the aquarium. A sudden drop in ORP, for example, suggests that the reducers are suddenly gaining ground.
I had a Reef Tank yesterday. I already cycled it. It has a fine filtration, aeration, heating and lighting. Temperature is 25 degrees celsius, PH 8.3-8.4, SG 1.023-1.024. Tank Size is 36x12x12 in. or 100x30x30 cms. Substrate is Coral Sand.
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Like any aquarium setup, maintaining proper water parameters and employing efficient filtration is key. The availability of beautiful and hardy marine fish such as damselfish, yellow tangs, and captive-bred species adds to the success of FO aquariums. The fish-only aquarium is a great setup for the dedicated beginner interested in marine aquariums.
When caring for a reef aquarium, in addition to the aforementioned parameters, you’ll also want to test the calcium, magnesium and phosphate levels in your tank. Calcium is used by corals along with bicarbonates and other elements to grow and build their skeleton. When you are adding corals to your tank, you should test your calcium levels daily.
Reef Tank Pro is an intuitive way to track your aquarium on an iOS device. A unique concept allows you to select a tank and work exclusively with a specific task. Other aquarium management apps require you to run multiple tests at the same time where Reef Tank Pro gives you the ability to quickly access a specific tank and perform a specific test.
Mini reef aquarium guide. Reef aquarium setup for large reef tanks, Nano reef tanks, Pico reef or MIcro reef aquariums with reef tank lighting, filtration, choosing coral reef animals, and problem solving! Saltwater Aquarium Guide. Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. Guide to marine supplies, putting the aquarium together, cycling the aquarium ...
Note: Electronic Salinity is one of the better investments made in this hobby. Best time to get one is during Bulk Reef Supply Black Friday Sales. Gone are the days of staring through an eye-hole trying to count the lines. Alkalinity: 7.3dkh Target. Acceptable range 7-7.7dkh using Salifert Test kits.
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I tried to make a complex topic as simple as possible, in order to do so i had to leave some stuff out. a more advanced video may be a supplement in the...
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  • Aug 09, 2018 · The latest Tweets from Your Reef Aquarium (@yourreefCA). A Saltwater Aquarium Store for all your reefing needs. Roseville CA
  • Besides this, before final delivery, our range is cross-examine by a team of quality controllers on defined parameters. This help in ensuring that customers are offered healthy Aquarium Fishes . These fishes provide an aesthetic appeal to the surrounding environment when kept in an aquarium and are widely demanded by pet and aquatic lovers.
  • Nov 10, 2016 · Maybe once, twice a week. Plus reef roids or coralific delite once a week. You can see in the picture of the crab, there is some GHA growing on the base of a gorgonian. I wouldn't want to up the feeding in the tank until I get that taken care of - a new order of snails would help with that, I'm sure.
  • Full tank shot 08-05-2016. Now the parameters are coming back to normal or what I targeted. I used previously Tropic Marin Reef Actif salt which parameters were way off. I changed to DuplaMarin Premium Salt (I have changin water 7% per week now). Also started dosing Iodine and Strontium to get their levels up.
  • OUR FLAGSHIP MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM Our Apex System has been touted by industry professionals as the best-value aquarium controller on the market today. This model of the Apex has Wi-Fi built-in, is easy to set up and use, includes temp, pH, ORP, and salinity monitoring with many useful and tank-saving features. Combined with

Free reef tank parameters for Android. Reef Parameters apk. Use this simple app to keep track of your reef. Rated 4.3/5.

For the new nano reef tank I decided to build new led light. The led light idea is based what I build for Fluval Edge diy led but instead of using led chips on star I ordered few Nanobox reef V3 arrays. I ordered two since I similar led chips on stars as well. First I had to find good heatsink for the led.
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You've seen aquarium programs before, but you've never seen anything like this! Hyper-realistic 3D fish swim at random in a hi-resolution reef tank. A DirectX tour-de-force. The fish are true Direct3D objects, not simple bitmaps being dragged across the screen as in most aquarium programs.

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Jul 07, 2020 · Coldwater reef tanks need chillers to keep the water temperature in check. Once you’ve completed the nitrogen cycle you can start testing for Phosphates . It’s important to measure phosphates weekly in a saltwater aquarium because if the levels get too high (the ideal range of phosphates is .05 – .10 ppm) it can prevent coral ...