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A dental floss holder is a device that holds floss thus eliminating the need for us to place our fingers in our mouth. There are a number of different floss holders available.

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Easy to Use. Simply wrap your favorite floss around the prongs and begin flossing. Longer, curved prongs allow access to posterior teeth. Wider prongs limit interference between prongs and handle.

BETWEETH Dental Floss Holder Interdental Flosser Reusable Handle Preloaded Floss. C $6.70. SET OF 4 MYFLOSSER (850 USES) x 4 (3400 USES) DENTAL FLOSS HOLDER , FLOSSER,
GUM Flossmate Floss Holder | Sunstar Americas, Inc. | Long, curved prongs allow easy access to posterior teeth, and wide prongs limit interference between teeth and the handle.
Let’s face it, most of us don’t floss as often as we should (at least once a day). It’s bad enough that we lie to our dentist, but the real damage is how it dings our oral health. To bring some fun back to flossing, we designed a sleek, reusable dispenser with pre-marked string to guide your routine.
May 24, 2016 · Now it's time to wrap up your critter friends! Get the floss right up to the top so that you don't see where the animal stops. These bobbins are a little larger than the standard kind, or like my happy thread bobbins. But don't worry! They'll still fit in your plastic organizer box.
The standard floss holder is ‘Y' shaped and looks like a slingshot or forked prong device, where the floss is strung taut between the two prongs (there are many variations, see photograph above). This feature limits the effectiveness of this type of tool, as the floss cannot wrap around or conform to the tooth.
PURPOSE: To provide the holder device for a dental floss, by which cleaning of an adjacent part of a crown can be executed even in the case of a patient to whom a reforming care of a tooth is executed. </P><P>CONSTITUTION: In the holder device 30 for a dental floss, provided with a bridge member 20 of which one end 23 is positioned on the reverse side of a tooth by stepping over the tooth, and ...
A simple solution from Brain 3D to secure your TBS Immortal antenna on the Floss 3.0 and Floss 3.0 Lite arms without adding too much weight. Will work with any frame that has arm thickness of 8-9mm. Weight: 1.8 Gram. Needed to complete: Small Plastic Zip tie. Package includes: 1 x Immortal holder.
STIM Floss Holder is a small plastic holder onto which dental floss can be fixed. Floss holders are most ideal for beginners as it eases the process of flossing, and helps save up to 44% floss. Pack Of 12
For the Mixed Media Artist. Resin jewelry making is a great mixed media technique. You can make make whole pieces (like bangles) or you can use it to coat more delicate components like paper collages or tiny photographs.
Floss holders are marked DMC 2001. DMC Navy Blue Roll-Up Storage Travel Bag with 27 Plastic Floss Holders. Floss holders are marked DMC 2001.
813-Valdani 3 Strand Floss. Dark Brick.. from $4.00 . Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. 205-Valdani 3 Strand Floss. Soft sky blue.. ...
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  • N Noble One Oral Picks Replaceable Self-Cut Dental Floss Holder Toothpick Flosser Organizer Rack with 60 Meters Dental Floss (Blue) 3.4 out of 5 stars 42 $10.99 $ 10 . 99 ($10.99/Count)
  • Oct 3, 2019 - Explore Traci Eubank Anderson's board "FLOSS" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Floss, Embroidery, Thread holder.
  • Floss holders and flossers (Figure 17) are an alternative if the patient has difficulty flossing manually or for a patient with large hands, physical limitations, a strong gag reflex...
  • Mar 08, 2017 · String Floss vs Floss Holder vs Interdental Brush vs Water Flosser. Posted on March 8, 2017 by Vincent Wan - Preventive Dental. I constantly get asked by patients whether they have to use string floss or can they use a floss holder, interdental bruish or water flosser instead and are they as effective.
  • How to Use Floss Holders. To use a floss holder, you will first need to cut off a piece of floss roughly 12 to 18 inches in length. Wrap one end of the floss around the disc a couple of times to start off with, and then thread the floss through the hooks on the tips of both prongs.

Jul 9, 2017 - How to store threads and floss. See more ideas about embroidery floss storage, embroidery floss, floss.

Holds the floss at the right tension in an easy-to-grip handle allowing you to focus on the cleaning action between the teeth, rather than managing the floss around your fingers. Flossing will remove dental plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by tooth brushing alone. Mastering the flossing technique can be challenging.
Flosser ( Pre-loaded "Y" shaped design ) Product website: For more information please contact us: [email protected] Most floss holders are "Y" shaped, but some are designed with different angles and prong spacing, and they usually have a variety of handle lengths from which to choose.

Products: Dental Floss >> Floss Holders: Filter by: Best sellers Pearson brand Special/Promotion: Almore: Pushbutton Flosser: Each $8.55: E-Z Floss: E-Z Floss Neon ...

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Known as our "gentle floss," this unique formula is made from plant-based candelilla wax and infused with all-natural mint essential oil for a fresh, effortless glide. You get 3 spools of silk floss and a glass floss dispenser that you can refill with future TreeBird floss refills until the end of time.