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Sélectionnez CEMU et désactivez le cache des ombrages. 4. Ouvrez CEMU. Chargez BOTW et laissez CEMU précompiler votre cache de shader et attendez que vous soyez à l'écran du menu principal. Cela devrait créer le cache Open-Gl dans Nvidia à nouveau. 5. Arrêtez Cemu 6.

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Ayuda CemU y BotW. A ver me he instalado cemu y el zelda...solo que me va a 20 fps y es complicado jugar. Lo que veo Pone 30 por que es Has metido el shader cache del juego dentro de transferable en la carpeta del shaderCache¿? tienes activado el CPUFence hack ? el graphic pack...

CEMU Version 1.18.2 offers huge improvements in the Vulkan API by greatly decreasing the amount of shader stutters. For the latest version of the popular Wii U emulator , the CEMU team has significantly improved the speed at which shaders can be compiled, which might also slightly reduce GPU load.
James shows you how to easily install a shader cache in Cemu. Twitch: www.twitch.tv/complainingjames Twitter: twitter.com/ComplainingUK Facebook: facebook.com/thecomplaininggamer/ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound...
Just keep in mind that shader caches from versions older than 1.8.0 are incompatible with later versions of Cemu. At startup, Cemu will prepare a compiled version of that cache under .\Cemu\shaderCache\precompiled and that one depends on your GPU driver, so you might want to erase it if any problems or crashes when compiling shaders at startup occur.
It appears shader caches larger than 14k shaders in CEMU contain Mario Kart and Xenoblade Chronicles shaders in addition to BOTW shaders. Please do not continue to distribute these caches as they result in reduced performance for users who do not have 32 GB RAM, in addition to drastically increased storage requirements.
Et voilà, après deux semaines d'attente voici la nouvelle version de Cemu, le meilleur émulateur de Wii U sur PC. S'il fallait le rappeler nous dirions que Cemu est le seul émulateur capable de faire tourner correctement les jeux commerciaux Wii U. Clairement la v1.7.5 ne sera pas une version...
Voici un éditeur de mémoire pour Zelda BOTW tournant évidemment sous l'émulateur de WiiU nommé Cemu. - The tool is able to retrieve item names directly from the game memory, it will be loaded on the first scan.
https://dbr.ee/P09z http://cemu.info/releases/cemu_1.7.4.zip https://files.sshnuke.net/cemuhook_174d_0403.zip {ССЫЛКА УДАЛЕНА}http://www.mediafire.com/file/97p2d5tgq2xum3b/YamBreathOfTheWild_4K.rar".
Comencé ayer a ponerme en serio con CEMU, ya que lo tenía pero me quedó pendiente liarme. Con la versión 1.8.0 y el juego 1.2.0, y el hack CEMUHOOK última versión, estoy sacando en las primeras pantallas unos 19-20 fps bastante constantes, y aunque solo he probado segundos, veo que hay menos cuelgues de esos de 5 o 6 segundos que se daban ...
yes you nugget you can run BoTW on a switch emulator at 13 fps - #165317125 added by anonymous at Modding to the point of no return
Cemu 1.15.4 https:.. The first time a game is run, Cemu must build the shader cache as the game is running instead of loading everything at startup. This can lead to increased stutter and lag when entering new areas or environments in game Cemu is experimental video game emulation software available for Windows PCs.
this is my first post so i don't know how this goes. when i launch zelda botw on cemu without shaders it works but is really slow with 1 to 9 fps and constantly stutters a lot making it unplayable. i came to know that with the help of shaders i can fix this but whenever i get any shader cemu crashes while compiling the shaders.i thought that maybe the shader is incompatible. but now i have ...
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  • Ardından shader cache dosyanızı Cemu-> shaderCache klasöründeki transferable klasörüne kopyalayın. 5-Cemu-> shaderCache klasöründeki precompiled klasörünü silin.
  • Navigate to your Cemu folder and select the Cemu executable. If you are on a laptop with dual graphics, under "2. select the preferred graphics processor for this program" select High-performance NVIDIA processor. Under OpenGL rendering GPU select your main graphics processor.
  • There is no precompiled folder in CemU, only transferable, but shader cache that is located in AMD\GLCache\ folder that corresponds to cemu for BotW is only 64MB, and CemU each time when started compiles shaders...
  • cemu botw log. a guest ... [03:07:39] Using precompiled shaders: false [03:07:39] Shader cache loaded with 260 shaders. Commited mem 96MB. Took 450ms
  • The shader cache puts this cache on the drive, and the stuttering was probably because the cache was put on the hard drive. Your setup is backwards in that you should have Windows 7 and all drivers on the SSD. You're not getting the full benefit of the SSD right now.

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cemu botw log. a guest ... [03:07:39] Using precompiled shaders: false [03:07:39] Shader cache loaded with 260 shaders. Commited mem 96MB. Took 450ms
Stay logged in Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. [Botw]PC reboots while "playing" Wii U - Emulation & CEMU Home; Forums. Forums This cemu 1.7.5 video shows you how to fix the shader cache bug when deleting the precompiled folder and only using the GLCache folder for extra performance and stability ► SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/bsodSUB Connect with us on other social sites: ► TWITTER: bit.ly/BSODtwitter ► INSTAGRAM...Ardından shader cache dosyanızı Cemu-> shaderCache klasöründeki transferable klasörüne kopyalayın. 5-Cemu-> shaderCache klasöründeki precompiled klasörünü silin.

In this video I share my Cemu Zelda Breath of the Wild version 1.3.3 hard-worked for shader cache and the method behind building it. Download BotW 1.3.3 Cac...

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Есть у меня на сайте. Там правда Cemu древний и шейдеры тоже. Но это все легко и сам можешь обновить. McStein: 17-07-2019 17:01:47 (17 месяцев назад) Цитата Кто-то писал: kratos1980 Спасибо за рэпак, конечно.