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services, and education; and, projects that anchor economic revitalization and job growth in communities. The FY2017 TIGER grant program will give special consideration to projects which emphasize improved access to reliable, safe, and affordable transportation for communities in rural areas. Who can receive TIGER Grants?

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Mar 21, 2019 · The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announces the opportunity to apply for $85 million in competitive grants under the fiscal year (FY) 2019 Low or No Emission Grant Program (Low-No Program; Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number: 20.526).

The PHCNP Program was a key element in a broader "Nurse Practitioner project" undertaken by MOHLTC in the early 1990s, to create a more comprehensive and cost-effective primary health care system in Ontario. A consortium of nine Ontario universities currently offers the program: Lakehead...
Murrumbidgee Council proudly provides community grants under the Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program. The Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants have a total amount of $20,000 available with the maximum for each grant being $2,000. The Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program is now closed and will reopen in May 2021.
The Charter School Program (CSP) start-up grant is open to developing and new charter schools that are not currently funded under Minnesota’s federal CSP Grant Project; are governed by a school board that includes at least one individual currently licensed to teach in the state of Minnesota; and meet the provision of Minnesota Statutes on the formation of a charter school and have a ...
Title IX, Part A – McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Page Content The McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth program is designed to address the problems that homeless children and youth have faced in enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school.
OSH 550 Safety and Health Program Management and Training (3). The concepts, relationships and principles of managing the occupational safety and health function and the development of training procedures and practices to integrate that function into the organization.
Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health. A certificate is an educational program of study in a specific discipline created for those interested in expanding skills and knowledge for personal and/or professional development. Certificates are credit-based and taught by qualified faculty members.
The Rural Women's Health Project (RWHP) is a non-profit organization that designs and implements community-based, health-education projects, trainings, and materials to assist communities in strengthening their understanding of critical health, occupational and family issues.
Funds community-based outreach education and extension programs at land-grant colleges and universities that provide individuals and families in rural areas with information on health, wellness, and prevention. Includes programs providing training for health service providers and volunteers to carry out health promotion and outreach services.
This competitive grant program, will use existing funding to support states that propose to improve coordination, quality, and access for early childhood education and will be administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services jointly with the Department of Education.
Rural Health and Safety Education Competitive Grants Program. Usda nifa rhse 003076. Grant application guides and resources. It is always free to apply for government grants. However the process may be very complex depending on the funding opportunity you are applying for.
Funding Number Funding Title; USDA NIFA RHSE 004330: Rural Health and Safety Education: USDA NIFA RHSE 003076: RURAL HEALTH AND SAFETY EDUCATION COMPETITIVE GRANTS PROGRAM
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  • Dec 30, 2014 · Most HHS grants are provided directly to states, territories, tribes, and educational and community organizations, then given to people and organizations who are eligible to receive funding. On this site you will find information for prospective and current grantees about HHS grant programs, the grant application processes, and grant management.
  • Oct 29, 2020 · IDOE is launching the Digital Learning Capacity Building Grant. Through this innovative program, grants will be awarded to schools/districts that develop comprehensive plans to bring blended and digital learning training to their teachers through micro-credentialing.
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  • These grants are narrowly targeted and competitively awarded in support of value-added agricultural ventures and in support of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Matching funds from 50-75% are typically required. The RBS also publishes the bi-monthly Rural Cooperatives magazine.
  • Occupational safety and health management and contaminated sites work. The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (the Act) provides for the promotion, co-ordination, administration and They may also allow licensing or granting of approvals and certificates etc.

National standards for mental health services 2010. This document outlines a revised set of mental health service standards which can be applied to all mental health services, including government, non-government and private sectors across Australia.

Instead, dentists or other practitioners who are interested in acquiring skills and knowledge to become better administrators of public health programs, which might, for example, promote health education in their community or country, would be a better fit for the program. Safety matters! Start your career today. A degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Murray State University will prepare you for a lifetime of success. Our graduates leave Murray State with real-world skills and experience. Alumni work in a variety of fields for companies all over the world ...
Jul 01, 2019 · Competitive Grants. Visit the new competitive grant opportunities page for a list of grant opportunities posted after July 1, 2019. Information on competitive grants that were started before June 30, 2019, is still available on the Electronic Grants Management Directory (EGMS). NC DPI, as the State Education Agency (SEA), is required to monitor the quality and effectiveness of the programs operating with funds provided through 21st CCLC grants. [EDGAR 80.40] The monitoring visits will cover federal requirements of 21st CCLC programs and verify compliance with items included within the approved application such as ...

He has also had sustained success in attracting nationally competitive grants and industry funding, including two ARC Discovery Grants, two National Drug Law Enforcement Research Grants, a Rural Industry Research and Development Grant, Criminology Research Grant and an ARC Linkage.

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"Computer programs and videos of professionally carried out experiments on different animal species will help us avoid problems with students who refuse to experiment on animals for ethical reasons", TASS reported Tatiana Blokhin, a representative of the academy, as saying.